Running ADF Pipelines Sequentially

Getting worried about that even after placing Execute Pipeline activities one after the another, sequence is still not followed? Dependency in terms of execution is not forced? Does it seem like a bug in Azure Data Factory? Nothing to be worried. This is neither an unexpected behavior and nor a bug in ADF. Let’s see why?

By default, Execute Pipeline activities in ADF runs asynchronously. As soon as the execution of activity is triggered, flow is moved to the next activity and it feels like that it is not following the sequence correctly. This is not the case. Asynchronous means that don’t wait for the completion of the activity and simply proceed with the next activity. This is the implemented and expected behavior.

So, now the question is, if this is the intended behavior then how can we ensure that dependencies are followed in the sense that next activity must be executed only after finishing the current one. This can easily be done simply by checking the Wait On Completion property of Execute Pipeline activity. This converts asynchronous behavior into synchronous and execution is moved to next activity only after the current one is finished –