Power BI Data Flows Refresh History – Chrome or Firefox…Does it Really Matter?

An interesting observation was made today. I had to check the refresh history of one of our data flows so casually logged into Power BI service using Firefox browser, navigated to the refresh history and saw it as shown in the following snapshot –

Anything different or unusual? I didn’t see today’s date and not even last couple of days so simply scrolled down and could see it there as –

Aha! A sigh of relief as I could see that data was refreshed today and it’s all well. Suddenly, a question came in my mind that why it’s not coming as sorted so thought probably a sorting issue due to numeric/string data or probably data is being shown as sorted by some other column. But, quickly ruled out that data is not sorted by other column as the headers of the table are not responsive so clicking any of the columns header is not making a difference. Soon after this, ruled out the possibility of sorting issue too as it was not between single digit day or double digit days.

Something that started bothering was like that this is such a basic thing and how Microsoft could be negligent of this so there must be something else. I thought to check the same thing in another browser so Chrome was the obvious choice other than Firefox….and this is what Chrome did show to me –

All dates were shown sorted in a perfect way. The browser here really made the difference.

So, before blaming this to Microsoft by saying that they must have done more rigorous testing on this I thought to check their recommendation of browsers for Power BI service. One browser I definitely knew as the default obvious choice to be as Microsoft Edge being a Microsoft product but I was more keen to see if Firefox is officially listed there. And yes, I found this in the list there –

…and version is not in the question here as I have been running the latest version.

The purpose here is not to blame Microsoft but to share something that I observed and a placeholder too where this works fine i.e. in Chrome browser. Needless to say, Power BI has been an amazing tool so far that I fell short of words in describing its capabilities but nevertheless, if you have been primarily a Firefox user and if this is something that has been bothering you, it’s time to switch to Chrome to experience Power BI in a more fantastic way!

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