How to Awake or Develop a Leader in You

I have always been saying that more than a professional, we are humans and the interpersonal skills that we develop as part of our usual social life makes us a leader in our professional life too. Let us quote some of these habits that we must develop and then see the difference –

Anytime, anyone helps you, say thank you genuinely.

Respect all different opinions. Any of the different opinions could be a food for thought as an alternative solution.

Never interrupt people when they are speaking. Allow them to first finish, listen to them carefully and then filter it.

Appreciate people publicly and criticize them in private.

Don’t call someone continuously if they are not responding whether it is on phone or a chat messenger. They might be busy with something important and allow them to call or text you back.

Never ever talk about your riches in midst of the poor.

Mind your own business unless anything involves you directly.

When someone is talking to you irrespective of your status, looking or scrolling through your phone is rude.

Remove your sunglasses if you are talking to someone on the street. It is a sign of disrespect. Eye contact plays an important role when you are speaking to someone.

If a colleague tells you that he has a doctor’s appointment, don’t try to get the details of it. You can simply acknowledge by saying “hope you are okay or all is well“. It may put him in an uncomfortable situation to tell you that he is probably not willing to. If he wants to share, he himself will share without you making the enquiries.

If you tease someone even in a friendly way and the other person doesn’t seem to be comfortable with it, stop it immediately and never do it again.

Never order an expensive dish on the menu when someone is giving you a treat on his/her expense.

Always open the door for the person coming behind you. It doesn’t make you small to treat someone with such respect.

Never ever comment on any culture, religion or community. None of the culture, religion or community teaches to treat people with disrespect. Instead, try to learn about them.

These are just a few common personality traits that we must practice and the list can be long or longer but makes a huge impact on how we present ourselves in the society. Our professional career is also part of the life and some society on the same planet. While we all know this but sometimes, a reminder just does the trick. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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