Crucial Conversations, A Must Read Book – To Become an Educated Successful Professional

Yes, as you must have read in the title, this post is about a recommendation of the book that I received as a gift from one of my leaders, in United States, few years back – Crucial Conversations. Since by the day I have read this book, I am suggesting this to everyone in my network, who loves reading, has a passion to become better and better each day in a more educated way. So, here is the place, finally coming over the blog for this must haves. Sometimes, it’s injustice to summarize a book in few words so I leave this to you. As you read through this, you will come to know its worth.

Though I can share my experience on how to read this book –

  1. Read at least few times; reading it once may not give the insight that we want to learn from it
  2. Don’t go through the book i.e. don’t rush through it, instead read it, understand it and take time to absorb it
  3. Better if you read it in a sequence as all subsequent chapters reference back to something learned previously and keep on revising your knowledge
  4. Start applying it into your professional life. Don’t overstress about if you forget; apply it gradually. Over the time, you will get it as a habit in your behavior

Don’t know if there is a new edition now but below is the snapshot of the copy that I have for a reference purpose.