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ADF Execute Pipeline Activity Error Handling

In the previous post, we saw the basics of catching errors generated by activities during the flow and here we will see all the complexities involved in handling the same for execute pipeline activity. The first step of handling or say catching errors during a pipeline’s execution remains the same that you need to add

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Azure Data Factory (ADF): Error Handling

We have been receiving several questions about how to implement error handling in ADF pipelines so let us take a quick look around this concept and how this could be simplified – The very first thing we need to handle the errors is to add a path to the activity so that if there is

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DID You Know…ADF Activity Retry Interval Limits

This post is a part of the series “Did You Know” whereby the purpose is to share some quick key point of a particular concept that helps us to be informed on top of our head or something that we want to be revisited quickly. So, no detailed discussions on the topic but a straight

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Azure SQL Database Maximum Concurrent Requests

Whether this is SQL Server on-premise or Azure SQL Database, maximum number of requests which can be processed by database engine simultaneously is limited by its compute size or you can say SKU. Service tier is another factor that you need to consider on Azure in addition to compute size as the size of SKU

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Azure Purview – Yes or No? Let us Find Out

We were overwhelmed during the webinar itself when Microsoft launched Azure Purview as their next generation data catalog or say unified governance workspace and it was continuously in the mind to explore it to figure out if it is the right time to plan about it. So, let’s find out together what it offers, what

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Non Matching Rows in ADF Data Flow Lookup Transformation

If you have been coming from traditional SSIS background then definitely you must have used Lookup transformation there which is the most common transformation in any ETL workload. And one of the native capability of this transformation there, was to route matching and non matching records to different paths…for a quick refresher, this is what

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ADF (Azure Data Factory) Daily Routine Expressions / ADF Expressions Cheatsheet

All keywords, function names etc. are case-sensitive Single quote to be used for string All expressions to begin with @ No direct use of operators; all manipulations through functions only Datetime format is SQL Server’s DATETIMEOFFSET format Accessing Parameter – Accessing Variable e.g. – Lookup Activity First Row – Lookup Activity Multi Row Output but

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