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Connecting Power BI to Azure SQL Read Scale Out REPLICA

You have read scale out replicas available to your Azure SQL Database subscription? Then, you must consider to connect your Power BI desktop to offload your read operations to this copy. In general, you connect to these replicas by supplying additional property “ApplicationIntent = ReadOnly” in the connection string but when connecting to Azure SQL

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One Catch in DAX Formatter

While we always recommend to develop the habits of writing clean and well formatted code as part of best programming practices but if there have been reasons for you to use any tools for such purpose and specifically, if you are using DAX Formatter to format your DAX formulas, then you must know what we

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Our First Implementation of Small Multiples in Power BI

Since by the day, Microsoft announced small multiples for Power BI this month, we were waiting to get some time, read about this, explore this and implement it. Finally, we understood it this week and got a chance to implement too in our real life use case. So, let’s look at our experience with this

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Power BI API Limitations

While working on some API stuff today with Power BI, just came across these limitations so thought to share it right away – 75 max columns 75 max tables 10,000 max rows per single POST rows request 1,000,000 rows added per hour per dataset 5 max pending POST rows requests per dataset 120 POST rows

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JSON Editor

Want to quickly format the JSON? or want to analyze your JSON document? or want to modify it in a more readable way? You can navigate to an online JSON editor without the need of having anything installed on your local machine. You can save the document on the cloud or on you local machine

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Power BI Premium Per User (PPU) – All You Need to Know

Last month Microsoft introduced Per User Premium capabilities for Power BI. Let’s see the highlights of it – Currently this is in Preview i.e. there is still time for it to come under General Availability. This is another licensing type whereby capabilities of Premium license are exposed to the user for whom Premium had been

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How to Connect Power BI Dataset in SSMS

Did it ever come to your thoughts if it could be possible to connect Power BI data in PBIX file and query in SQL Server Management Studio? Yes, this is possible. You can connect to your data in PBI desktop file just like you connect to Analysis services and then query it using DAX. Let’s

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It’s not always about the Technology, Data or Business Services that you are dealing with. I had an issue with some space constraint on my laptop. A new laptop with not too much data inside it but still giving me the warning about insufficient space. No issues with the disk configuration etc. At the end,

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