Azure Synapse Provisioning Issue in Southeast Asia Region: Not Accepting Creation of New Windows Azure SQL Database Servers at this Time

We came across a provisioning issue for Azure Synapse Analytics workspace about a couple of weeks ago. This was for the first time for us that we experienced one of its own kind issue for any of the resources on Microsoft cloud platform so thought to share this with you all.

After doing some basic troubleshooting, a research and then reaching out to Microsoft for the remedy we discovered that we are not alone facing this issue but it has been a common problem for all the users in that region so let’s see what happened, what we troubleshooted and how Microsoft helped us –

We attempted to provision Azure Synapse Analytics in Southeast Asia region and it failed as follows –

After navigating further, we found the exact error message saying that southeastasia region is not accepting creation of new windows Azure SQL Database servers for the subscription as shown below –

It was strange for us and as a first troubleshooting step, we verified if the Microsoft.sql and Microsoft.Synapse resource providers are registered in the subscription and it was all there –

After doing some googling, read on a forum where another user said that he de-registered and registered the providers again, then tried to re-provision the Synapse and it worked for him. So, we also tried but with no luck.

With some more research, we finally discovered that this has been a common issue in last couple of months and is now well documented on Microsoft page along with a solution to raise a support ticket for this. Also, learnt that this issue is not restricted to East Asia region only but to couple of other regions also – Central India and West US as shown below –

As guided by the Microsoft page, we created a support ticket to them and they confirmed that they are facing huge demand issue in the region for Azure Synapse and have suspended new provisioning to avoid any impact to the services of existing customers. Instead they suggested us to move to a different region in the same continent.

So, in a nutshell, the issue is with the demand and Microsoft has temporarily suspended the new provisioning in the region by the time they upgrade their data centers with more capacities

Also, this issue is not just limited to Azure Synapse but to all the PaaS offering of Azure SQL Databases on the platform including Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure SQL Database also

While this might be possible for some customers to move to different region with no impact to their use case but for few this might be a big deal due to regulatory compliance needs. We are still in talks with Microsoft and let’s see what comes out further.

Meanwhile, I thought to share the experience here so that you become aware of such situation in the region and do not struggle with finding the solution on search engines. Hope this helps!

Many thanks for reading!

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