Azure Purview Pricing Update – With General Availability

Azure Purview is now Generally Available with lots of updates in terms of pricing, security and the shortcomings around schema update that we had during the preview period. Let us quickly see in this post how better it has become in terms of its cost –

The very first thing we need to catch up is that data map has now become elastic i.e. by default, it starts with 1 capacity unit (CU) and scale up automatically based on the request load.

1 CU = up to 25 data map operations per second and up to 2GB of metadata

You are charged for per capacity units and per hour basis. You would need an additional capacity unit for each 2 GB storage required for your meta data.

…and each capacity unit is charged at the following price –

Further, Microsoft is offering free data maps from August 16, 2021 to October 31, 2021 i.e. you will not be charged for data maps for this period.

If you had a Purview account in your subscription before GA and hasn’t noticed yet, you can go back and see that Microsoft has automatically down scaled it from 4 or 16 CUs whatever you selected earlier at the time of provisioning it to one capacity unit. We could witness this as shown in the snapshot below –

As shared in the previous post, apart from the capacity unit, you need to pay separately for the scanning operations which are charged according to pay-as-you-go model. To be precise –

Scanning Cost = duration (in minutes) of all scans in a month / 60 min per hour x 32 vCores x $0.63 per vCore

So, in a nutshell, Azure Purview cost is the cost of Data Map + Scanning where Data Map is like Always ON and Scanning is like Pay as you go. Rest of the calculations for data maps remains same as explained in the previous post to estimate the monthly budgets.

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