Azure PowerShell AZ Module

Recently, I came to know that Microsoft introduced completely a new module called “Az” to interact with Azure through PowerShell. We have been using AzureRM module until now for all dealings with Azure but this means we will have to conisder ourselves upgrading existing stuff to this new module.

Here are some of the highlights of this new module –

  • AzureRM module will continue to get any new features/fixes until end of this year i.e. 2020
  • Post December 2020, AzureRM will no longer receive any updates
  • All modules now starts with Az. instead of AzureRM.
  • All cmdlets in this new module continue to have same form i.e. verb-AzNoun
  • AzureRM and Az modules can’t exist together in same version of PowerShell for Windows
  • If you want to upgrade to Az module, you will have to first uninstall AzureRM module. However, after upgrading to Az module, you can run “Enable-AzureRMAlias” cmdlet to support backward compatability with AzureRM modules
  • But remember, even after enabiling compatability mode, your existing scripts based on AzureRM module might need some changes to run properly
  • Otherwise, you can install an MSI version of latest Azure PowerShell for Windows that will be installed as a separate application