Azure IP Ranges and Service Tags

Interested in knowing Azure data center IP ranges or service tags (Azure Services like Storage, Azure SQL databases etc.)? It’s not that difficult. Microsoft provides a complete list of its IP ranges and the service tags which can be downloaded in JSON format. Here are some key points to understand the information provided inside the file and how frequently these details are updated by Microsoft –

This is in JSON format. Earlier it used to be in XML format so don’t get confused with if you come across another link that has already been announced as deprecated. To download the latest JSON file, simply navigate to Azure IP Ranges item under “Downloadsmenu of this blog.

This file is updated weekly and IP addresses may get changed so if you plan to use any of the IP ranges for any firewall rules in your applications, have a mechanism in place to ensure that a change in IP address is handled properly. As of writing this article, it shows that the file was updated about four days ago.

You might be wondering why someone would be interested in such details….this can be used to simplify the Network Security Group rules in your Azure deployments.

You find it difficult to read the file in JSON format and prefer to see it in relational structure? Don’t worry and stay tuned. I will be writing next post very soon to deal with JSON data in SQL or Azure SQL databases.

Many thanks for reading!

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