Artificial Intelligence (AI) Features in Power BI

We have already seen in an earlier posts how AI is there in our day-to-day life and what features in SQL Server are AI-powered. Let us now see lot of its existence in today’s everyone’s favorite tool i.e. Power BI. We all know that Power BI is a mature, modern and enterprise BI tool that offers capabilities around each phase of a BI (Business Intelligence) application lifecycle. There are lot of features which are either running completely AI-driven or have augmented their core functionalities with AI benefits –

Key Influencers, Smart Narratives and the most famous Q&A visuals are completely AI-driven.

Automatically find clusters feature of Table visual, adding a trend line, time series forecasting on top of line chart and anomaly detection, all are additional capabilities provided by these visuals which are behind the scenes fueled by Artificial Intelligence.

Generating Quick Insights in Power BI service on top of your dataset is all AI-driven although the quality of these insights depends largely on how well your data model is designed there but that will be a different topic altogether. The core concept here is that Power BI uses Artificial Intelligence to produce these level of details –

Power Query editor also has a dedicated section to provide some insights on top of your data and again completely driven through AI though these are premium license features –

This is just a glimpse of how Artificial Intelligence is driving our tools now. There are many other features backed by AI that we will continue to explore and share with you all in upcoming posts so stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you have any specific questions or thoughts to share don’t forget to write in the comments section below.

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