Artificial Intelligence Everyday and Everywhere

Over the past few years, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has got so much traction that it has become part of our daily life and interestingly, many times we are not even aware of it or don’t get it recognized that a small act of our daily activities is relying on AI. In this post let us see few such examples that we deal with everyday in our daily life –

As soon as we wake up, unlocking our smartphone simply by looking at it is what relies on AI

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Several writing assistants suggesting the grammar mistakes or spot an error in the spelling while composing an email are also AI-powered

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Anytime thought how Netflix, any other OTT platform or an e-commerce website starts suggesting the recommendations about what you may like or what are the related products etc.? All these are driven by power of AI

laptop technology ipad tablet

Virtual assistants like Alexa rely on voice recognition software and natural language processing. As more people use it, the algorithms running behind it learn more which is all powered by AI

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Sophisticated spam filters such as those used by GMail also rely on AI to block unwanted emails. They recognize user actions and adapt accordingly

conceptual photo of word play spelled by wooden blocks

Chat bots to simulate human conversation have come a long way over recent years and are driven by AI

There are many other examples that we come across with during our daily interaction with lot of devices so next time when you get surprised or amazed how does some system know what you were talking about and it starts suggesting you the similar things, think about Artificial Intelligence. It’s everywhere!

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