ADF Daylight Saving Support in Scheduled Triggers

As Azure Data Factory now supports time zones other than UTC while creating scheduled triggers, it gives you the flexibility to handle the daylight saving too i.e. a trigger scheduled to be executed as 2 AM continues to be run as 2 AM when daylight saving starts or ends. No manual changes are required anymore to adjust your schedule for these during the year.

Just take a note of two things that –

  1. It is considered ONLY when you schedule your trigger in non-UTC time zone and
  2. Since it is not applicable to UTC time zone so any existing trigger scheduled in UTC time zone won’t consider this by default. You will have to reconfigure it once

Further, there is NO separate setting to specify the daylight saving consideration when creating scheduled triggers. It is automatically considered as long as it is configured in non-UTC time zone.

For some additional information, UTC timestamps are in the format ‘yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ‘ i.e. ends with “Z” suffix and in fact this is needed there to mark the timestamp as in UTC zone. Missing this suffix makes it invalid UTC timestamp and results in an error. You can verify this in the JSON code of trigger as shown below also –

Non UTC Time Zone
UTC Time Zone