One Catch in DAX Formatter

While we always recommend to develop the habits of writing clean and well formatted code as part of best programming practices but if there have been reasons for you to use any tools for such purpose and specifically, if you are using DAX Formatter to format your DAX formulas, then you must know what we are going to highlight in this article –

Below are its terms of use and pay attention to the third point which is highlighted by a red rectangle –

Your DAX formula might be saved as it is parsed, by the tool for some analytical purpose, so if there is any sensitive information in your formulas that you are more concerned about the privacy then you must be aware of this.

However, the objective here is not to highlight this as a drawback of the tool but to make you aware about this. While this is also true that most of the times, formulas doesn’t contain any sensitive information but sometime even the names in the formulas or anything received as part of legacy might fall under this consideration.

You can learn about the tool here.