Power BI Premium Per User (PPU) – All You Need to Know

Last month Microsoft introduced Per User Premium capabilities for Power BI. Let’s see the highlights of it –

Currently this is in Preview i.e. there is still time for it to come under General Availability.

This is another licensing type whereby capabilities of Premium license are exposed to the user for whom Premium had been an expensive option. Instead of capacity based billing, it works per user licensing in contrast to unlimited sharing under capacity based Premium license.

Cost of Premium Per User has not been revealed yet. This would be known when it comes under GA (General Availability). During the preview period, this is offered free and as a trial feature for 30 or 60 days. However, the trial period is expected to be increased if the product doesn’t get released under GA by then.

This is the feature comparison between Premium Capacity and Premium Per User licensing –

It works like just like PRO license works today but with additional premium features so you don’t get control to the underlying infrastructure in contrast to Premium Capacity whereby you can managed the CPU, memory etc.

Just like reports shared under PRO licensed can be viewed by other PRO users only i.e. authors and viewers, both needs to have PRO license, similarly, reports created under PPU workspace can be shared with users who have PPU license. This is how Microsoft summarized it –

Premium Capacity allows 48 refreshes in a day though PPU at this time doesn’t have any restrictions on the number of refreshes.

As you identify Premium Capacity workspace by the diamond symbol, this is also identified by same diamond symbol but being a user based subscription so a user symbol is additionally placed there down to that diamond to identify PPU license –

Want to know more about this? Look at these FAQs


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