Azure IP Ranges

Interested in knowing the IP ranges of Azure data centers or some specific Azure Services (aka Service tags)? You can download a complete list of Azure IP addresses and service tags from the following location –

This is only for public cloud and the file is in JSON format. It used to be in xml format earlier so don’t get confused with if you come across that link which has already been announced as deprecated. This list gets updated weekly and IP addresses may also gets changed so if you plan to use any of the IP ranges for any firewall rules in your applications, have a mechanism in place to ensure that a change in the IP address is handled appropriately in your applications. As of writing this post, it was updated a couple of days ago.

Again, don’t get influenced by the date published in above snapshot. As mentioned above, this file is updated weekly so most likely when you are reading this page, a new version has already been published.

Another point worth to be mentioned is that new ranges appearing in the file will not be used in Azure for at least one week.