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Extracting zip code from an open text address field using T-SQL

Sometime we come across a situation where we need the ZIP code of an address but the raw data from operational systems is coming as an address collected from an open field i.e. ZIP code is part of the address itself. With such an open field provision you can not expect a consistency that ZIP

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Features in Power BI

We have already seen in an earlier posts how AI is there in our day-to-day life and what features in SQL Server are AI-powered. Let us now see lot of its existence in today’s everyone’s favorite tool i.e. Power BI. We all know that Power BI is a mature, modern and enterprise BI tool that

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Azure Purview Pricing Update – With General Availability

Azure Purview is now Generally Available with lots of updates in terms of pricing, security and the shortcomings around schema update that we had during the preview period. Let us quickly see in this post how better it has become in terms of its cost – The very first thing we need to catch up

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Converting base64 Encoding to String format in SQL

You might have seen at various places, images being represented as normal ASCII characters…those are nothing but the image’s binary data encoded into ASCII format. This encoded format is base64 which is more commonly used these days to encode binary data. This is not necessarily for encoding image’s binary data but can be used to

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Analytics: Rounding Off Problem

If you are into analytics then you must have witnessed this many times in your life that sum of all those numbers that you rounded off for each category is not equal to 100% when you see the grand total. To some beginners, it sounds like a problem but once you understand it then you

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