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Converting base64 Encoding to String format in SQL

You might have seen at various places, images being represented as normal ASCII characters…those are nothing but the image’s binary data encoded into ASCII format. This encoded format is base64 which is more commonly used these days to encode binary data. This is not necessarily for encoding image’s binary data but can be used to

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Analytics: Rounding Off Problem

If you are into analytics then you must have witnessed this many times in your life that sum of all those numbers that you rounded off for each category is not equal to 100% when you see the grand total. To some beginners, it sounds like a problem but once you understand it then you

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Did You Know…This About CTAS vs. SELECT…INTO

This post is a part of the series “Did You Know” whereby the purpose is to share some quick key point of a particular concept that helps us to be informed on top of our head or something that we want to be revisited quickly. So, no detailed discussions on the topic but a straight

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A Practical Guide to Deal With JSON Data in SQL

As promised in the previous post while talking about Azure IP ranges and service tags, I mentioned that I will be writing next post to read JSON files in a structured relational format so let’s take a look at different possibilities to convert JSON data into rows and columns. Anytime, you want to read or

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Azure IP Ranges and Service Tags

Interested in knowing Azure data center IP ranges or service tags (Azure Services like Storage, Azure SQL databases etc.)? It’s not that difficult. Microsoft provides a complete list of its IP ranges and the service tags which can be downloaded in JSON format. Here are some key points to understand the information provided inside the

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Azure Purview Pricing Explained

In an earlier post few months ago, we understood what Azure Purview is, how it is different from Azure Data Catalog and if it has got the enough maturity to start putting your production workload into this. Being in preview mode, there are certainly some limitations that can compel you to keep some reservations of

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SQL Script to Check Tables Defined With All Columns as NULL

Off late, I was asked to do a quick review of a database and it was one of the things that I always look for….generally, we don’t have these kind of tables in a production running database but it’s always good to check and you never know when you get surprised. Here is the small

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